Mediocre love

Never have i ever loved halfheartedly

Living for a moment not eternity

Using feelings to fill the endless emptiness

Gazing in your eyes seeing our destiny arise

Mirky waters, deep and crazy

Kisses traveling the sky so hazy

Never have i ever pulled you in to let you go

Used you like a soothing poem

Made to bring sleep to me

Letting me rest from reality

Hoping you go before i wake

Oh honey, for your sake.


No more

Take that gun and pull the trigger

Before i go, blame it all on me

Let me shead a final tear

For us, for love, for eternity

This time not made of water, but blood

My last sacrifice

Let the warmth that leaves my body embrace my lonely

Who could have known

This would be the only hug i got.

Whispers in the night

Let me take you way back

When I was a little girl unaware of the world

I just wanted to play and look at the sun

Take blurry pictures and just laugh it all out

I dreamed of a guy with sparks in his eyes

That would be a friend i would treasure my whole life

A guy that would love me no matter what

When i had nightmers

He would come in the night

A boy made just for me

Like two puzzle pieces our hearts will combine

But as i grew older i stopped looking for him

I told myself i imagined it all

I told myself i was meant to be alone

It is ok,he was not to be.

Snowed in soul

Did you ever wonder how is it to love someone that truly hates you

Who takes every oportunity and slowly breaks you

Someone you love, take care of their flame from the wind

Someone that loves to see you suffering

He hates your very core, every scar and alot more

Makes you feel like a vile freak, planting thoughts that make you weak

A little girl not worth of love, doing her a favour by not letting her go

If he left she would be alone, who would she love and make her own

So she stays and cries herself to sleep, thinking this is how life is supposed to be.

Just a circle of love,pain and possibility.


When i met you I was a mess

In need of a friend, any kind, i guess

I didn’t like you

Tried to brush you off

Send you back where you came from

But somehow you managed to stay

Change my heart, soul and core

I didn’t realise until it was too late

I loved you and i had a friend

I am glad you sticked around

Through all the mess, hate and the frown

You made me better, stronger and new

I don’t even remember who i was before i met you.


Should i have been born before

To know the true meaning of love

Arabic princess about to marry

Someone she dosen’t know and finds scary

A slave craving for almighty, even in the form of a fist

Laying on a rock dreaming of the first kiss

A girl no one noticed, face full of scars

Hoping there is a place for her up in the stars

Would my life be different if i still belived

In love like they portrait it on the movie screens

Would i be happier and carefree

Knowing there is someone that holds the key

Or would i still sit in this chair

Cursing all the days i hoped that went up in the air

Days i could have spent looking for something rare

Not elsewhere

But in me.

Real is what i got

Talking to my old love

Can’t remember have i known him before

When we met we were childish and naive

Jumped around chasing the wind

He told me i was the one

The girl he would marry and show around

Belived him what could i do

I fell head over heels and had no clue

Soon he would let me go and run away

Showing me i wasn’t enough and he had no intention to stay

Now he is standing here, a different guy

Succesful,smart, loving and kind

Remembering how we used to be

How it was easy to just run free

Then he put his hand in mine

Faked the most loving smile

I would have belived him if the phone didn’t ring

The caller id had me suffering

‘Wife calling’ flashed on the screen

As his face turned pale green

I turned my head and felt empowered

I thought he grew up but after a while

Realisation hit me

He was still a coward.

Heart that grew cold

I never showed you how much your words cut

I cried alone all througout the night

But when the dawn struck i glued the parts that broke

Regrouped myself and stood up tall

You looked at me weird like i was different from before

With eyes blank i told you i am the same

The same old girl that will love you forever till the end

You didn’t push it, you didn’t care that much

Even if i told you it would have been drama,girl things and such

So here was no point in dragging it out, making a mess

I knew it wouldn’t make you mine

So every night before sleep

I thought about how it could be

Just you and me, both happy and sad

Just you and me together till the end

And it made me sad.